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You can do-it-yourself with Woodtone.

Installation is quick and easy and gives your project a professional-looking finish.

Posts are perfect for that new or rebuilt gazebo, deck or porch.

We use precise engineering to give the Western Red Cedar & Douglas Fir  posts a superior appearance and the ability to resist shrinking, warping and splitting. While much lighter than solid wood posts, they remain strong – plus they’re hollow so you can hide electrical wires or irrigation lines. Imagine lighting on your gazebo, deck or porch….magical.

Choose Premium Knotty Posts for a natural wood look, or Custom Knotty Posts for a more economical option with the same structural integrity. Our posts come in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 sizes at various lengths.

Corners let you quickly and easily add a perfect finishing touch to your siding project.

The unique guaranteed glue line eliminates unsightly lap joints at the corner. The engineered one-piece corner virtually eliminates shrinking, warping and splitting, leaving you with a maintenance free product that will look new for years. Our Corners are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to let you customize your home.

Installing our products is an investment in your home.

Our products hold their shape and protect against the weather for years. Combine the natural beauty of real wood with the strength and reliability of engineered wood by choosing Woodtone!

All of our products come with a Ten Year Warranty. Speak to a representative today to discuss your specific project needs.