To our key suppliers and customers:

Today we are excited to announce that we’ve been purchased by one of our longest-standing customers.  We have manufactured posts and corners for Woodtone since they created the product line over 15 years ago.  We produced these and other products under the “Quattro™” brand, and Woodtone sold them under the “Real” brand.

This acquisition locks in the supply of two of Woodtone’s key products – RealPost™ and RealCorner™ – as they continue to grow market share across North America.  In addition, we have additional product offerings and market reach that has great potential for growth.  The appearance grade finishing products that we began producing recently are a growing and complementary aspect to their engineered finishing products.  Plus, the industrial products and components for truss and joist manufacturers have similar opportunity for growth.

Of course, it’s not products or capability that we are most excited about; but the employees who work there. We look forward to joining the Woodtone Group of Companies. Of course, our previous owner, showed tremendous support for the Synergy Group and together, we are excited to see this transaction come together for the 2016 building season. For our Suppliers and Customers we look forward to building on this new partnership for the future, unlocking new supply and product opportunities.

Today is an exciting day for Woodtone and Synergy; we’re happy to be a part of the Woodtone group.